Prolate-type punch


Round-type punch


Shap punchPapilionaccous "T" shape 

Rivet punch

Gummed-loop punch

Slot puncher
PVC Slot puncher Stainless(PVC)flat punch(A-112)

  Series of punch: This series is used to punch certificate card, pass certificate, etc. It is convenient, easy and applied. The hole it punches is normal with no trimmings.
  This series includes: Prolate-type punch (suitable for suspending nip), round-type punch (suitable for hanging rope), punch tong, gummed-loop punch of the orientation of the plastic gummed-loop bar of loose-leaf or album, multi-orientation punch, and two-usage rivet tong which can be fixed by rivet after punching (suitable to punch the label of jewellery) In addition, we provide plastic suspending nip (red, blue, milk white and yellow). Iron suspending nip and plastic chest nip.